The sightings of UFO’s in the United States has been rising each year over the past 50 years. The United States leads all nations in its sightings of UFO’s. The question is why is this? Could it be our total obsession with movies and aliens? Could it be we watch too much TV? Spend too much time in front of a screen (much like the one I am staring at this very moment? That our imaginations are hungering for something? I cannot imagine that the United States is the most interesting place to visit in all of the universe. If you had the power to travel across vast distances would you make the United States your destination? Maybe, just maybe the aliens are fascinated by TV and they just can’t get enough. That screen blinks every second or two and it has them hooked. That has to be it. Give a hearty welcome to the next UFO you see and invite them into your home, put your feet up (who knows what they can put up) and switch on the old mind-numbing idiot box and enjoy a bit of quality TV time with our visitors from other parts of the universe.


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