In July I headed off to Greece and Turkey to prepare for the next study abroad program. Greece as debating the latest EU proposal and the country was in the middle of a huge debate and country-wide vote on whether or not to accept the offer. The Oxi side won (the no votes) but little did it matter. The prime minister stepped down weeks later and the country had to step up and get busy finding a solution to their problems. The country feels like an odd mixture of progress and right next to something that is going well everything is falling apart. Turkey seems to be going up and up in all kinds of ways (not lately with the PKK “war” that the government is escalating) but with development of roads, cities and infrastructure. Greece feels frozen in time with a few exceptions. I would imagine if you could go back in time it might feel the same 2500 years ago. I am sure you could find someone 3000 years ago that would be worried that the whole thing is going straight to the dogs and the world was coming to an end. Yet it has stayed together and will continue to do so.

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