I have had the good fortune to travel to Greece nine times in the past eight years. The light never ceases to amaze me. The rocks never cease to be hard and plentiful. The textures are woven through every place and at times Greece feels like it is about to come apart at the seams yet the fractured rocks are stuck firmly together. Nafplio and Argos are two of my favorite places—one touristy but on a small scale never filled with the overwhelming hoards of tourists at a place such as Oia. The other, Argos, near the beaten path but overlooked by most and is a small city filled with history, people, street markets and all the colors and textures Greece has to offer. Chania is also a gem of cities in Greece. It can be rather busy but still you can find the out of the way place that is quiet and restful. The fingerprint of the Ottomans is found throughout the old part of town. And in Chania you are just a short distance from the Samaria Gorge—well worth the 16k hike down from the top to the Lybian Sea.

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