My days are filled lately with teaching, bike riding, woodworking, avoiding meetings whenever possible, cooking, reading, drawing, painting, making books, playing with my dogs, and once in awhile sleeping.

Principia College was the starting point in my formal education. Everything before that was simply leaning how to follow the rules. Everything after that was getting me to leave that way of thinking behind.

Two years of post grad studies at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit is where I got my start in art following by 9 years of working in commercial art and design. After 9 years it was time for change and what a change it was. Into to teaching.

Now after teaching art and design at Principia College for 19 years is it time for another change? Not really sure.

I have been part of 4 study abroad programs, three to Turkey and Greece and am ready to do another.

And I am ready to see more of the world. On my list of already been there is Mexico, Spain, India, Turkey, Greece. On my list of places to get to soon are Australia, somewhere in South America, back to India to see more, perhaps Europe (take in some of the Tour de France), and any place wild. Life is an adventure. Dive in. Draw. Take notes. Paint it. Write it all down and share it in whatever form you know.

Images, ideas, stories, drawings, designs, paintings, prints—all from the mind of Dan Kistler ©2014