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Finally found a theme that works for me

After a bit of searching and thinking about what I should be pushing out into the world of my creative work I have found a theme that works. I am planning on bringing all my content under on roof so it will take awhile to fill up this site. I have the work to get it done and now I need to find the time. I look forward to adding more and more work every week in the coming years.

Studio Time – up close and tiny

Over the past few weeks I have been bringing into my studio tiny objects from my property—Shepard’s Needles, thistle, dried and twisted vines to name a few—and photographing them up close. Very close. The results are surprising for the details that show up such as tiny eggs found stuck to one of the vines. Here are the results.

Hiking the Ozette Trail – Olympic National Park

The trail could not be any easier and the scenery could not be any more beautiful. The trail is in the northwest corner of Washington state about as far north and west you can go on the Olympic peninsula. Just a short ferry ride from Seattle but miles and miles away from the congestion of Seattle. The hike is all flat. The second day is a hike down the beach and the third day was a hike out to the car. Both nights was camping just off the beach. The tide was extreme going so far out it felt like the ocean had left the earth. The islands or they are more just large rocks appear to float in the early morning or late evening light. Lots of bald eagles and the sound of sea lions was heard but they were never seen in any numbers. A fantastic three days of the outdoors in Washington.


Trekking in Nepal – summer 2017

The opportunity to do a 10-day trek in Nepal was never something I imagined I would be able to do but this summer I did just that. The trek was very different from the treks I have seen images from—much hotter, going up and up on stairs, through hot forests filled with leeches, and rain. All of which makes for a great trek if you are ready for it. I expected tree-less expanses of rock, rock and more rock. I did get fantastic views of the Annapurna region of Nepal, saw a couple monkeys, lots of water buffalo, hike in the rain and under the hot sun, and sweated my way up the Nepali elevators (trails made of stone steps that just go straight up the hillside). 

Just a few images from the trek.

One more dance photo session

One last photo session for the term with the dancer Sami Corbitt. This time done in a large athletic facility with the dancer leaping onto the high jump pads. The lighting in the building is for the most part dreadful but on this day we got lucky with just the right light.

Rainy Day Photoshoot in the Dance Studio

The best way I can think of spending a rainy day could be spending in a dance studio with a dancer and soft light. Here are some results of a recent shoot in the dance studio at Principia College with the dancer Maddi Demaree along with my students from my photo course Spring 2017.

NIght Photo Shoot

Took my class out to a local field at night for a photo shoot. Here are some of the results.