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A taste of Greece

I have had the good fortune to travel to Greece nine times in the past eight years. The light never ceases to amaze me. The rocks never cease to be hard and plentiful. The textures are woven through every place and at times Greece feels like it is about to come apart at the seams yet the fractured rocks are stuck firmly together. Nafplio and Argos are two of my favorite places—one touristy but on a small scale never filled with the overwhelming hoards of tourists at a place such as Oia. The other, Argos, near the beaten path but overlooked by most and is a small city filled with history, people, street markets and all the colors and textures Greece has to offer. Chania is also a gem of cities in Greece. It can be rather busy but still you can find the out of the way place that is quiet and restful. The fingerprint of the Ottomans is found throughout the old part of town. And in Chania you are just a short distance from the Samaria Gorge—well worth the 16k hike down from the top to the Lybian Sea.

Exploring the world through the eyes of a fish

I finally broke down and purchased a fish-eye lens and hardly ever want to remove it from my camera body. Using this lens change everything. My view of the world has become wider and a bit more round. The lens is cheap but the results are anything but cheap capturing so much more than ever before. And it does not hurt one bit that I am currently in Greece where the light is perfect, the skies are blue (when it is not storming) and everywhere you look there is something that can and should be captured in pixels.

The creepy crawlies move in

Moving out of my studio in a couple of days and the bugs are already to move in. They won’t be in for long as demolition on the building is starting soon. Voney Studios will be re-modeled, renovated and ready for classes and creative work in the fall of 2017. Looking forward to the new digs.


Night time is the right time, night time is the…what? It is the time to set your camera on long exposure and see what you can capture. Drag out the long unused tripod, wait for a night with the best light, dust off the camera and shoot. Here is a bit of what I came up with recently. Stars through the trees, wispy clouds, and a glowing sky.

The pelicans are overhead

About twice a year large flocks of pelicans are seen flying up or down the Mississippi River near Elsah, IL. This particular day the sun was out, the sky clear and I think the birds were just enjoying the day flying. They flew back and forth across the river picking up a good updraft as they came over the bluffs. They flew silently around and around. Unlike the geese that make a mighty racket as they fly by. I think geese like to make lots of noise. The pelicans are silent fliers.

Pulling images from the past few years

Here is a collection of images from the past 10 years of shooting. They range from the Columbia River gorge to the bluffs of the Mississippi River (which is just outside of my studio).

Celebration Day plays the Pageant

Over the past four years I have had the chance to see the band Celebration Day four times at the Pageant. The last show on February 26th was one of the best shows yet. Over three hours straight playing all the best songs Led Zeppelin created years ago. Jimmy Griffith and his band mates put on a fantastic show. The sounds are authentic. The gear is authentic. The music is real and the audience loves it. Stood right up front and took it all in. The shots are not the best as the hall does not allow pro cameras so I shot with an old Nikon P7000 which is not one of my favorite cameras. Seems to not like low light and is slow. Just one time I would like to go to a show and be able to shoot it with a real camera and see what the results could be. Waiting for that day. In the mean time here are the shots from the show.

Late November Light

Sweet light is how I have had it described to me. And that is exactly what I found one November day. I looked up from my computer out towards the bluffs and saw a light that just needed to be captured. These images are a start in capturing the light. What is missing is the sound of the wind in the trees, the birds in the trees and the sound of the river far below the bluffs. The air also felt as if it had been run through a freezer and purifier to make it as clean as it could possibly be. Crisp and clean. Sweet light of November.

A day of rain – red

Late October is a great time to shoot the light and color along the bluff trail. The sycamore is by that time deep red. It rained earlier in the day so everything was covered in big drops of rain. A great day for images.

Photography of dance

The past fall I taught a class in the art of sport photography. We worked all kinds of athletes and one of the highlights of the class was working with a dancer. The light was a bit strong that morning. Natalie Cooper worked very hard to give us the very best dance moves she has and they were spectacular. Quite a workout. After about 50 minutes of constant shooting she was tired. And in that time we captured everything we needed. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with a dancer or dancers as dance is a beautiful subject to photograph.