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Two new books published on

After every abroad program I will put together all of my images from the trip into a book. I arrange the book in a chronological order and have at least 5-12 photos from each day. I end up with a book of over 300 pages as the trips are 15 weeks. The last trip was to Turkey and Greece in the fall of 2013 with 16 students from Principia College, one other faculty member and one resident counselor. We traveled from Istanbul down the western coast of Turkey to Bergamo and on to Selçuk. From there we took a ferry to the island of Samos, onto Santorini and Crete before taking a ferry up to the mainland. We spent time in Nafplio and Athens before flying back to the US. An amazing trip. From that came a book of photos and a book that tells the story of the 19 travelers who escaped from Prinopolis.


The books can be found at my blurb bookstore.

Turkey Greece 2013 Adventure Cover

50 feet

In just fifty feet from my studio I found these images. No manipulation in Photoshop. Fifty feet. In fact this shot was only one foot from my computer. What can you find fifty feet from where you are right now?

TASK party at Principia College

Principia College hosted a TASK party on September 24th in Morey Fieldhouse. Oliver Herring was in attendance, on campus as the fall 2016 Annenberg Scholar, and worked closely with the students that organized the event. Shortly after 8 pm the doors opened and in flooded the eager attendees each complete with a tattoo designed for the event by Sage Stafford.

Oliver Herring captures the action at the TASK party
Oliver Herring captures the action at the TASK party


In just a couple of hours all kinds of art was created and destroyed. The entire gym was covered with the evidence of making art. The floor became a work of art unto itself.

If you have a chance to attend a TASK party do not pass it up. You will come away full of energy and sparks of creativity ready to make your own art whatever it may be.

The High Plains of Nebraska

The far western edge of Nebraska would at first appear to be like the rest of the state—flat, flat, flat.
It is hard to realize that as you drive west through Nebraska you are actually moving up in elevation onto the edge of the high plains of the midwest. Near the highest point in Nebraska I ran into this house. Rather lonely as it sits out on the plains and feeling like no one has been living in this house for years. I cannot imagine living out in this desolate tree-less plain. Plenty of bugs to keep you company but that is about it. Across the road was an old oil rig and tanks. It has been a long time since this equipment was up and running. All quiet on the western edge of Nebraska.


Early morning walk

Took a short walk this morning along the bluffs of the Mississippi River with my Sports Photography class. Dodging all the spider webs became the sport of the day. And I think we all agree that shooting images of spiders should count as a sport. They are fast, agile, and all over the place. The leaves are just starting to turn. It should be a very colorful fall.

All the little fish under the sea

A recent project done in Adobe Illustrator. What started as a simple drawing of an imaginary fish has turned into a series of images of all kinds of fish and creatures under the sea.

Experimental Soccer

No, not a new sport but a different approach to capturing the game in images. Night games are always hard to shoot so I thought I would see what I could capture by pushing the blurring and the movement I often get with games under the lights. Lots of zooming and blurring. In some sense it captures the speed of the game but not the precision.

Woodworking – tables, boxes and lamps

Over the summer I turned my garage into my wood shop. I purchased a band saw, collected some wood from my property and turned all that into a series of tables, boxes and lamps. Last week I cleaned out the garage and carted off a vacuum cleaner full of scraps and sawdust, rearranged the mess I had made and now I am ready for the next set of tables and lamps. I can never seem to use up all the scrap wood but I am always looking for a way to recycle it all. Here is small sample of recent work with wood.

Blasts from the past

It is always fun to dig into old folders and find a few treasures and that is exactly what I did the other day. I started cleaning up my computer and various hard drives and came across some images from the past ten years. Seems like everything from before that time is still sitting in little boxes waiting to be digitized. One day that will happen to. For now here is a short sample of the recently unearthed images.

Sunsets over the Mississippi River

Not only has the weather been changing over the past 20 years the sunsets have become much more dramatic as well. My studio/office (soon to become a public space in the new Voney) is the perfect place to keep an eye on the sky. At times the glowing, setting sun will turn my office into something that feels like the inside of an orange. Just a few images from the past year.