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It gets wild around here

Outside my studio/office at Principia College there is a growing cast of characters and the weather gets wilder every year. This past year I have seen a cougar (lost the photo when I turned off my camera that did not have a memory card in it—lesson learned), a bobcat (apparently one of four on campus), a very large turkey, bald eagles, pelicans, a very large coyote, a cute rabbit (most likely food for the coyote) and an assortment of birds and creatures. The studio is the best place to watch as the storms roar across Missouri and slam into the bluffs. Lightning is fun to shoot and very hard to capture. My goal for the rest of the year is to get a shot of the cougar (with a camera ready to shoot at a moments notice) and get shots of some of the small critters also.

Fog and mist

A short collection of images from in and around the studio on foggy and misty days.

A short trip to Greece and Turkey—Summer 2015

In July I headed off to Greece and Turkey to prepare for the next study abroad program. Greece as debating the latest EU proposal and the country was in the middle of a huge debate and country-wide vote on whether or not to accept the offer. The Oxi side won (the no votes) but little did it matter. The prime minister stepped down weeks later and the country had to step up and get busy finding a solution to their problems. The country feels like an odd mixture of progress and right next to something that is going well everything is falling apart. Turkey seems to be going up and up in all kinds of ways (not lately with the PKK “war” that the government is escalating) but with development of roads, cities and infrastructure. Greece feels frozen in time with a few exceptions. I would imagine if you could go back in time it might feel the same 2500 years ago. I am sure you could find someone 3000 years ago that would be worried that the whole thing is going straight to the dogs and the world was coming to an end. Yet it has stayed together and will continue to do so.

Best of Fall 2014 Sports

A short selection of the best shots from the fall 2014 Principia College sports programs. A bit of volleyball, a spot of soccer and some rugby thrown into the mix. Enjoy.

Early morning walk to Eliestoun

The fog lifted and the sun was up. Should have left one hour earlier but the light was still good to head out from the studio for a couple hour walk to Eliestoun with camera in hand. Captured a bit of the landscape along the way with the sports photo class. What this has to do with sports photography is for you to figure out.

Home opener for Principia College Cross Country

The home opener for Principia College cross country started late on a Friday afternoon. The day was a hot one. Too hot in fact to start the race on time. The start of the women’s race was delayed a half hour but that did little to drop the temperature. It was hot. The course is hilly and a tough one which caused more than a few runners to walk a bit of the course back behind the trees. I am just glad I was not running. Hard enough to run from the start back to the hill part of the course for the shots I got.

2015 Thunderchickens have started their season

The Principia College rugby team, The Thunderchickens, have kicked off their 2015 season with a scrimmage against the St. Louis Ramblers. The day was filled with five 20 minute sessions that gave all members of the team to try out what they learned in training camp. A overcast warm day filled with great light for shooting sports.

2014 and UFO’s

The sightings of UFO’s in the United States has been rising each year over the past 50 years. The United States leads all nations in its sightings of UFO’s. The question is why is this? Could it be our total obsession with movies and aliens? Could it be we watch too much TV? Spend too much time in front of a screen (much like the one I am staring at this very moment? That our imaginations are hungering for something? I cannot imagine that the United States is the most interesting place to visit in all of the universe. If you had the power to travel across vast distances would you make the United States your destination? Maybe, just maybe the aliens are fascinated by TV and they just can’t get enough. That screen blinks every second or two and it has them hooked. That has to be it. Give a hearty welcome to the next UFO you see and invite them into your home, put your feet up (who knows what they can put up) and switch on the old mind-numbing idiot box and enjoy a bit of quality TV time with our visitors from other parts of the universe.


New Movie Posters from Graphic Design II

Each time I teach Graphic Design II the class creates movie posters. And I make one too using all the students in the class.