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Trekking in Nepal – summer 2017

The opportunity to do a 10-day trek in Nepal was never something I imagined I would be able to do but this summer I did just that. The trek was very different from the treks I have seen images from—much hotter, going up and up on stairs, through hot forests filled with leeches, and rain. All of which makes for a great trek if you are ready for it. I expected tree-less expanses of rock, rock and more rock. I […]

Painting in Greece

Just returned from a 10 week adventure through parts of Greece and Italy. I took along some gouache and this is the result of some of that work. No better place I can think of for inspiration—everything around you is great subject matter.

Two new books published on

After every abroad program I will put together all of my images from the trip into a book. I arrange the book in a chronological order and have at least 5-12 photos from each day. I end up with a book of over 300 pages as the trips are 15 weeks. The last trip was to Turkey and Greece in the fall of 2013 with 16 students from Principia College, one other faculty member and one resident counselor. We traveled […]

A short trip to Greece and Turkey—Summer 2015

In July I headed off to Greece and Turkey to prepare for the next study abroad program. Greece as debating the latest EU proposal and the country was in the middle of a huge debate and country-wide vote on whether or not to accept the offer. The Oxi side won (the no votes) but little did it matter. The prime minister stepped down weeks later and the country had to step up and get busy finding a solution to their […]