Over the past four years I have had the chance to see the band Celebration Day four times at the Pageant. The last show on February 26th was one of the best shows yet. Over three hours straight playing all the best songs Led Zeppelin created years ago. Jimmy Griffith and his band mates put on a fantastic show. The sounds are authentic. The gear is authentic. The music is real and the audience loves it. Stood right up front and took it all in. The shots are not the best as the hall does not allow pro cameras so I shot with an old Nikon P7000 which is not one of my favorite cameras. Seems to not like low light and is slow. Just one time I would like to go to a show and be able to shoot it with a real camera and see what the results could be. Waiting for that day. In the mean time here are the shots from the show.

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