Being able to look back over a number of years allows you to make connections that you cannot make when you  are in the middle of whatever you are doing. Looking back I can see that graphic design was part of my life before I even knew what it really was. At some point early on I liked to make hand-painted signs. No idea why. I just made them. They were on wood with elaborate type and lots of color. None that I know of survive and exist only in my head.

But that was my first venture into graphic design. When it began to pay the bills is when it really started but everything has a root.

WLHM a small marketing/communications company in Troy, MI is where it started for me. I came over to the company after my time at illustration studio needed to be over. Was not a long stint here but I learned a great deal while designing and managing the graphics department. The early years of digital design filled with all the early problems of creating design on a computer. This was really before the internet was a household word. Early days of working with Macs, Quark XPress and Pagemaker. If you know what those are you have been in the business for some time.

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