My Favorite Sports to shoot

Catching the split second action of sports

Shooting sporting events is a bit like going on a hunt—you get your target in the frame and then in a flash they are gone. You either got the shot or a great blurred photo of the background. The shots you were not even aware that you captured are often the best—you react as fast as the action and don't know you have the shot until you download and process the images. Sports at night, sports in the rain, sports on a cloudy day—all of the best times to shoot. Bright sunny days might be good for the fans but I will take the greyed-off light any day.

Dance - its not a sport but what a fantastic subject to shoot

One of my all time favorite topics to shoot is dance. The dance studio at Principia College was home to some of the best light anywhere on campus. The studio is being renovated to become the new theatre performance space but before it was gutted I had a chance to work with a couple of wonderful dancers. Makes me want to do more. A lot more.