My first real camera was a Yashika TL Extro X. This was quite a step up from instamatic cameras. A very good friend had the same camera, was discovering photography with me in a class at high school so we put together our money and bought what we needed for a very basic darkroom. From there I moved into a Canon AE-1 and went through two bodies losing both to water—falling in a creek with one on a camping trip and getting caught in a rain storm also on a camping trip with the other. From there I moved to Nikon and have stayed with the Nikon line since  starting with a N80 and then moving to digital going through the D70 to the D90 then into the D200 up to the D300 and now my favorite the D700.

My passion with photography today is with sports and travel photography.

In addition to cameras and lenses Adobe Lightroom makes it easy to maintain a workflow to manage the thousands of photos. Only once in a while do I miss the smell of the darkroom, the negatives, the wet paper, and the rush of seeing your image come to life in the developer tray. Now the images come to life as pixels and live in another world.

The past

The present

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