After every abroad program I will put together all of my images from the trip into a book. I arrange the book in a chronological order and have at least 5-12 photos from each day. I end up with a book of over 300 pages as the trips are 15 weeks. The last trip was to Turkey and Greece in the fall of 2013 with 16 students from Principia College, one other faculty member and one resident counselor. We traveled from Istanbul down the western coast of Turkey to Bergamo and on to Selçuk. From there we took a ferry to the island of Samos, onto Santorini and Crete before taking a ferry up to the mainland. We spent time in Nafplio and Athens before flying back to the US. An amazing trip. From that came a book of photos and a book that tells the story of the 19 travelers who escaped from Prinopolis.


The books can be found at my blurb bookstore.

Turkey Greece 2013 Adventure Cover

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