Drawing, painting, printmaking,. These are methods of visual storytelling. The verbs are the variety of the marks. The nouns are the shapes, colors, and textures found in the works. They are stories without beginnings and just as important without endings—or at least beginnings and endings that are set down by an author. These are stories you can enter at any time and from any point. The stories continue for as long as you wish to engage in a dialog with the work. Some may last a moment or two. Others years long and continue to unfold. This is storytelling that requires an active and engaged mind on the part of the reader. These are stories that are told/read in hundreds of ways with no two tellings the same. Each reader has their own secret reading, their favorite passage, their own understanding of the characters and plot of the story. This is storytelling that is purely visual. Leave the words out and just jump in with your emotions. Indulge in your imagination. Be creative and have no fear that you are telling/reading the story incorrectly. Here there are no right ways/answers or wrong answers/ways to see or read.

In the following portfolios I have stories to share. Tell me what you see. Share with me what they are saying to you. Or not. Keep it to yourself and let the work float through your mind as you go through your day.

Images, ideas, stories, drawings, designs, paintings, prints—all from the mind of Dan Kistler ©2014