Dan Kistler / Visual Media Artist

The Maps, Memories, and Islands series

When thinking about memories I have come to see them as islands floating in my consciousness. I see the  collections of memories akin to an atlas of old maps—an atlas that is opened at random with the memories organizing themselves in their own order. Each memory has a shape, an outline, and relationships to other memories and are often seen or felt by me as fragments. When I start thinking of memories I can often feel the outline of the event or experience but the specific inner ...

One more camera – can’t have too many

I just recently purchased a Nikon F3 and have to admit it is a rock-solid camera. Simple to use. Designed perfectly. Works with a huge range of lenses. Built like a tank and fells great in your hands. I have been looking for one of these for over a year and finally found one at a good price and in perfect condition.

A few additions to the camera gear

In the past three months I have added some new cameras to the gear. The first up is a Mamiya RB67—loving referred to by others as a boat anchor. I call mine the real beast. A tank of a camera built to last forever and take excellent 6 x 7 negatives.   The next up is a Yashica Mat 124 G TLR – a beautiful black box – a gem. With a built in light meter this little puppy is ready to go anywhere and shoot anything. And last but not least is the Mamiya C3 the oldest of the bunch ...

New series of paintings from Greece

Over the past year I have stepped into my studio and discovered my love for painting. I have tried for years to convert my 11 years of travel to Greece into a series of work—either photography or some other type of visual image—and have found that painting is the best method to describe the feelings, moods and moments I have experienced there. Look for updates to the series on the site. I will be adding in new work as I complete and add to the series.