For years I saw images of strange looking twin lens cameras not really knowing what they were and how to use one. About four months ago I decided it was time to find out what this was all about. So I went online to Blue Moon Cameras and Machines ( I had purchased a couple of used 35mm cameras from them in the summer) and found a camera I could afford—a Yashica Mat 124G. At this point in time this is the most fun I have ever had with a camera. I love everything about the format—square, huge negatives, boxy built like a brick cameras and the detail in the negatives is a world unto themselves.

Shot with Yashica Mat 124G with Ilford HP5 120 film
A quiet and foggy morning — great time for a walk with a camera
Grain and more grain – shot with Yashica Mat 124G
Sit down for your portrait – it won’t take long
Early morning looking over the Mississippi River
Early morning foggy morning walk with my camera
Bluff grasses and the trees on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River
Shot on film – Portra 160 with a Mamiya C3 TLR
Shot with a Yashica Mat 124G TLR on Portra 160
Shot with a Yashica Mat 124G