Memories, and Islands series

When thinking about memories I have come to see them as islands floating in my consciousness. I see the  collections of memories akin to an atlas of old maps—an atlas that is opened at random with the memories organizing themselves in their own order. Each memory has a shape, an outline, and relationships to other memories and are often seen or felt by me as fragments. When I start thinking of memories I can often feel the outline of the event or experience but the specific inner details often fade, are fuzzy an lack clear definition. Or they have very clear details with the outline being less defined. Some memories for me feel like they are layered on top of other memories, one memory hiding details of another, and at times in my mind become a confusing jumble of images. 

The series of paintings I have been working on for the past year explores this idea bringing in bits and pieces of symbols and shapes you might find on old maps. Many of the memories are specific to the past ten years of travels to Greece and perhaps Greece is the source of this idea as it is made up of over 6,000 islands. Everywhere you go in Greece you are only a short distance from the sea. 

Color has been used to indicate age, indicate intensity of the memory, and with reference to the sea—the sea of consciousness on which all these memories float and exist.

I feel this is a project that could be explored for many more years and many more canvases each unfolding the idea another step almost like turning the pages of the atlas and discovering islands I have forgotten. 

See some of the works from this series here.

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